Child Centred Divorce Services (CCDS)

We serve parents facing separation or divorce in Kitchener-Waterloo and throughout Ontario who desire to shield their children from conflict and co-parent effectively. We can help you draft and/or follow your separation agreement and provide ongoing services that may be necessary as your children grow.

What are Child Centred Divorce Services?

Simply put, Child Centred Divorce Services guide families through the family transition of separation or divorce while keeping your biggest value at heart: To shield your child(ren) from adult conflict and help them navigate their new family reality.

We can help you establish your separation agreement and provide ongoing mediation and services that help to reduce conflict and stress while promoting conflict resolution, problem solving and cooperative co-parenting.

Child Centred Divorce services include:

How Do I Tell My Kids About Separation or Divorce?

Once you decide to pursue a separation or divorce, the next question is often, “How do we tell the kids?”

This simple tool helps you consider a child-focused explanation that conveys the messages of love and security they need to hear, while addressing their questions in age-appropriate ways.

“In our 20 years of experience, we have found that when parents tune into the needs of their children and co-parent effectively, their children are more able to adjust to their new family structure and are tremendously resilient.”

~ Annette Katchaluba, MSW, RSW

Mediating Your Parenting Plan

A parenting plan outlines the arrangement of how you, as parents, will raise your children after a separation or divorce. It includes a parenting time schedule, decision-making and living arrangements, and further details such as how you will handle exchanges, extra curricular activities, holidays, or even emergencies.

A parenting plan mediator helps you sort out these details, and other areas of importance for your child. In addition, our mediation approach also equips you for the long-term, with the skills you need for on-going, effective co-parenting. Find out more about mediating your separation agreement and how we can help.

Mediating Your Financials

A financial agreement for separation or divorce outlines finances will be divided and directed between the parties. A financial agreement includes child/spousal support and the division of property and assets.

By Peaceful Water’s financial mediation provides you with input into the details of your financial agreement such as the amount and frequency of payments and how expenses, debts and liabilities will be factored into your agreement.

As a result, many clients report greater satisfaction with the outcomes than those who choose litigation.

Why Choose Child Centred Divorce Services?

We offer:

  • Collaboration with lawyers

  • A child-focused approach

  • Conflict coaching

  • Communication solutions

Trained in:

  • Conflict resolution

  • Mediation

  • Intimate Partner Violence

  • Child development

Benefits of CCDS:

  • Avoid court

  • Child-focused solutions

  • Save time and money

  • Counselling support

Individual Therapy During Divorce

As your lives are changing during the separation and divorce process, you and your children are facing complex emotions and added stress.

Therapy offers you a safe place for you or your children where you can process your experiences and emotions and gain support to create healthy habits and coping strateges.

Find support for you and your children:

Therapy is covered under most health insurance plans and benefits packages. Subsidies may be available through New Life Charity for those with financial constraints.

Parent Coaching

You can parent effectively and nurture your relationship with your child, even as you face the challenges of divorce and separation.

Our Parent Coach specializes in helping solo-parents establish their own parenting rhythms and create a tone of respect and trust in their homes.

You can be a powerful and positive influence in your child’s life.

Child Centred Divorce Services

Parenting Plan Mediation

Mediate your parenting plan and avoid lengthy court proceedings. Our mediators work with you to develop a plan that is child centred while equipping you to minimize conflict in your co-parenting relationship. 

Rebuilding Relationships

We work with parents who believe that it is in their child's best interest to have a meaningful relationship with both parents within the bounds of a healthy and secure parenting approach.

Voice of the Child

We create a safe atmosphere to talk with your child regarding family decisions relating to them. With their views and preferences clarified, parents can make informed decisions with their child's best interests in mind.

Section 30 Assessments

BPW professionals identify and provide an assessment of the needs of your child and make formal recommendations regarding parenting time and decision-making. 

Email Moderator

Our family professionals moderate the content of email communications between parents to faciliate a healthy, business-like co-parenting relationship by ensuring that communication is appropriate and respectful.

Intimate Partner Violence Screening

We provide the Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) screening which is required for anyone who participates in mediation with a lawyer, in a collabortive process or with a mediator/arbirtrator.

CCDS Parent Coaching

Receive practical tools to support your child through separation and divorce in terms they can understand. Gain tools to address behaviours and challenges children commonly face during this family transition.

Financial Coaching

Receive practical assistance to understand your new financial reality during separation or divorce while shaping your financial future. Personalized help that makes sense!  

Vocational Evaluations

Vocational and labour market evaluations provide an expert opinion regarding a client's ability to work and their earning potential as it relates to their Financial Agreement.