Therapy & Support Groups

We offer therapy groups for adults and children and parenting support groups. Receive professional expertise, encouragement and the accountability you need to make positive change. Learn more below about our popular Adult DBT Skills group, weekly Mindful Matters group, and therapy groups specifically designed for children and parents. REGISTRATION IS OPEN for upcoming groups. Find out more below.

Therapy Groups

NEW GROUPS Starting Soon…

Adult Online DBT Skills Group

Dialectical Behavioural Therapy

Are stress and emotions ovewhelming you? You can reclaim your thoughts, emotions and relationships with the help of DBT skills training. Learn practical skills from the comfort of your own home that empower you to:

☑Overcome emotional overwhelm
☑Manage crisis calm
☑Improve your relationships
☑Quiet racing thoughts and mental clutter

This group is a beacon of support for individuals navigating stress, anxiety, depression, borderline personality disorder (BPD), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), self-harm, eating disorders, and substance abuse.

    Who: Adults 18+ years
    Kat Giles (MSW, RSW), Amanda Lewis (RP)
    January 22nd – June 17th, 2024
    6:30-8:00 p.m. EST
    $900*; Works out to only $50/session.**

    * This group is covered by most extended health benefits plans. Subsidies may be available through NLC for those with financial constraints.
    ** Fees must be paid in full to complete registation.


    Emoticon is a group for children to help them identify, understand and manage their emotions. Through games, conversation and weekly challenges we will explore Happiness, Anger, Fear, Anxiety, Guilt, and Anticipation. 

    Your child will learn to:

    • Identify and process feelings in helpful ways
    • Practice strategies to regulate emotions
    • Develop practical tools to cope with extreme emotions

    The group provides a safe place for your child to share, build relationships and develop a healthy understanding of their emotions.

    Next Group runs in Fall 2024:
    Who: ages 8-10
    Format: in person, Waterloo office 
    October 21 – December 9 
    6:00-7:30 p.m.
    $400*/8 weeks including parent session

    * This group is covered by most extended health benefits plans.


    Mindful Moment

    Practice a weekly rhythm of rest and gain greater peace in your week.

    Each Wednesday, practice a weekly rhythm of rest and awareness over your lunch break. Release tension with guided breathing, focus your thoughts with a mindfulness exercise and integrate your practice with a short reflection. In just 30 mins. you can lower your stress level, improve your sleep, and discover greater clarity and peace in your days. Begin anytime for 10 weeks.

    Who: 16 years+
    12:15-12:45 p.m.
    $150*/10 weeks; only $15 per session

    * This group is covered by most extended health benefits plans.

    Art Therapy Group

    Experience making art with others through therapeutic exercises in an atmosphere of acceptance, creativity and curiosity. Participants are invited to join Lindsay Kuiack BFA, DTATI, RP to engage with art and pursue a greater sense of self-awareness while releasing stress and processing emotion.

    Contact By Peaceful Waters to find out about hosting an Art Therapy group for your ladies’ group, seniors group, community group, or youth group. Workshop style experiences are also available for retreats or break-out sessions for conferences.

    Who: Adults 16+
    In-person, Kitchener-Waterloo
    Time: 7 weeks; 1.5 hour sessions
    Dates: Groups run by request. Contact office for upcoming dates.
    $440*, includes supplies. Payment options available.

    * This group is covered by most extended health benefits plans. Subsidies may be available through NLC for those with financial constraints.

    Support Groups

    Empowering Parenting

    (Positive Discipline)

    Feel empowered and encouraged as you join together with other parents and learn with Hilary Diouf, Certified Positive Discipline Instructor. You will ‘learn by doing’ and practice positive discipline skills you can apply at home right away that leave you and your children feeling respected!

    This non-judgmental group is perfect for solo parents, blended families, or for families experiencing behavioural issues at any age and stage of family.

    • Manage conflict
    • Nourish connection
    • Model mutual resect
    • Invite cooperation
    • Promote resilience

    Who: Parents and caregivers 18+

    Format: In-person or online
    Dates: Groups run by request. Contact office for upcoming dates.
    Time: 6 weeks; Sessions are 1.5-2 hours.

    Cost: $200 per person, $250 per couple +HST

    The Top 5 Benefits of Group Therapy:

    1. Discovering that you are not alone in your struggles. Of course, your experiences are unique, but many people share the issue itself. Whether you a facing depression, questions about your identity or challenges with your kids, it is comforting to know that you are “not the only one.”
    2. Seeing your problem through a different lens. When you share your concerns in the group the other members may offer perspectives or feedback that can help you see the situation in a new light, which can support your healing process.
    3. Getting to put your skills into practice. Meeting with a group gives you the chance to practice healthy interpersonal skills and relational patterns in a safe atmosphere.
    4. Being inspired by others’ successes. Hearing how other people have faced difficult experiences and are learning to deal with their fears and anxieties can encourage you to continue the process of healing and personal growth too!
    5. Learning about yourself. Groups can help you see yourself through someone else’s eyes. This is a way of uncovering blind spots that may be holding you back from your own personal growth.

    Therapy & Counselling Services

    Individual Therapy

    We hold space for you to address and process the issues concerning you. Experience hope, healing and peace in a healthy, professional and confidential relationship.

    Couples Therapy

    Learn to attune to one another, communicate, and set healthy boundaries while working through the situations you are facing as a couple. Learn more in our FAQ section.

    Family Therapy

    We work with you and members of your family to strengthen your relationships by fostering  attachment-based connections and healthy communication. 

    Children & Teens

    We specialize in supporting children in their mental, emotional and social health in a way that is safe and engaging – meeting your child right where they are at.

    Young Adults

    We provide a non-judgemental space to help you discover your identity, learn how to handle stress and set direction for your future. Heal yourself and your relationships.

    Art Therapy

    Discover art therapy as an excellent choice to creatively express your internal emotions and process your experiences through colour and medium. No art expereince required!

    Music Therapy

    Tune in to your inner world through the creative space of music therapy. Explore the use sounds, lyrics and rhythm with your therapist to express your feelings and experiences. No musical training required.


    We host groups for DBT Skills, Emotional Regulation, Parenting Workshops and more. Our facilitators create a safe learning environment and offer professional, practical and relatable support. 

    Prayer Counselling

    Experience a form of counselling where you can engage your faith and spirituality as you address trauma, generational patterns, addictions, and emotional woundedness.