Mediation & Dispute Resolution

By Peaceful Waters offers mediation and dispute resolution services in Kitchener-Waterloo and throughout Ontario. We help create respectful, fair and open dialogue to mediate separation agreements and resolve business/financial, workplace, family, school, or church conflicts and disputes.

Mediation for Many Situations

Conflict can arise wherever people relate and interact. This means that we help in a variety of situations and contexts including: 

The work of a mediator is to skillfully support people to resolve their conflicts peacefully and effectively. As a neutral third-party, a mediator remains non-judgemental while actively listening for the underlying needs and interests of each party. The result is often a shift or change in perspective that leads to greater understanding of the situation and of one’s own self. 

How Mediation Can Help

Mediation can be an effective approach to resolving conflict because the process encourages the involvement of each party and takes into consideration the interests of those involved.

Unlike litigation, mediation provides opportunities to explore relational dynamics and their impact on the conflict at hand. This could include various factors such as past disputes, workplace culture, intergenerational dynamics, power imbalances, etc.  

By encouraging these insights and understandings, we emphasize a relational, as opposed to a positional approach to conflict. This means that mediation allows participants to address not just the substance of the presenting conflict, but also the troubled relationships or patterns that may be at its source. 

“Every great and deep difficulty bears in itself its own solution. It forces us to change our thinking in order to find it.”

~ Niels Bohr

Mediation Promotes Understanding

Wherever relationships exist, conflict will also exist. Conflict is a natural and expected part of human relationships. However, it can often feel very messy and create feelings of worry, fear, anger, and stress. Learning to healthfully perceive and navigate conflict is one of the greatest benefits of mediation.

Mediation invites participants to expand their understanding of a situation and pursue resolution that respects the interests of those involved. By engaging in mediation, participants can experience personal growth and positive change in a relationship, business or organization.

Bridge the gap through Mediation

When you are dealing with conflict, the chasm between people can seem insurmountable. During mediation we help disputing parties bridge the divide and negotiate a way forward that takes into account the interests of everyone involved.