Starts January: Emoticon – An Emotional Regulation Group for Kids

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Do you have a child who is easily overwhelmed or flooded with emotion? Perhaps your child tends toward one emotion, like anger, without being able to identify other emotions that may be under the surface. It takes time for kids to learn about and understand what is happening inside of them.

During this 7 week group kids will learn how to identify their feelings and practice how to regulate their emotions in constructive and healthy ways. The group provides a safe place for students to share, develop trust and practice their skills.

“[The facilitators]¬†very quickly created a space that felt safe and fun for the participants.

– Parent of participant

Each week your child will learn through games, hands-on activities and practical exercises how to:

  • Identify and process feelings
  • Practice strategies to regulate emotions
  • Develop practical tools to cope with extreme emotions

“The coping strategies given were practical and gentle, and are easy for him to remember when in the middle of an emotional situation.”

– Parent of participant

“You met the kids at their level- you brought emotions to them in a way they could really understand.”

– Parent of participant

When kids develop a strong emotional awareness and the ability to regulate, they are more confident to handle the ups and downs of life and tend to have greater empathy, improved relationships and a positive sense of self.

“The friendships formed were an unexpected and sweet additional outcome. ”

– Parent of a participant

“I think Emoticon is brilliant- not all kids cope well with big feelings – so to normalize them and talk about them in an interactive way as well as give tools to continue to conversation at home was amazing for our son.”

– Parent of participant

Help your child start their year off right and gain skills they will use for a lifetime.

Dates: January 17th (for parents) 24, 31, Feb. 7, 14, 21 & 28.

Location: BPW Hamilton office, 201 Paradise Road North, Hamilton, ON.

Cost: $350 includes a 1-week parent info and equipping session.

Facilitated by: Kat Giles, MSW, RSW

To register: (519) 886-8577 or

*Subsidies may be available through New Life Charity for those with financial constraints. Therapy is also covered under most extended health benefits plans.