Empowered Parenting – Positive Discipline Workshop

Empowered ParentinG workshop

with Hilary Diouf, POsitive Discipline Trainer

Join this six week online parenting class and community where you will learn positive discipline skills in a non-judgemental group setting. It is hands on, interactive and practical. You will learn what to do when you feel ‘triggered’ by your child’s behaviours and can discuss real life situations where you have not known what to do. Leave each session encouraged and empowered!

next session: Fall 2021

workshop features:

  • 12 hours of live, interactive teaching and practice time
  • Handouts and customized follow-up for each week
  • Role play and real life examples
  • Support and encouragement from parents like you

If you find yourself yelling or punishing instead of training and supporting, this course is for you. You can create connection with your kids and model tools for relationship that will serve them their whole lives.

No matter what situation you are facing in your family right now, these skills can help you turn it into an opportunity for growth and resilience in your children. Find the joy and humour in everyday family life again! 

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