Nutritional Counselling Programs

We offer two types of programs to meet your needs:

  • The introductory programs are 2-3 weeks long, and take the client on a journey of food awareness by introducing the benefits of good nutrition and providing guidelines to achieve a specified result. Following an initial consultation with the nutritionist, these programs are self-guided.
  • The personalized programs are nutritionist guided 3-month programs that include individualized meal plans, multiple sessions with the nutritionist, and out-of-office text and email support.


Introduction to Nutrition and Wellness
We offer introductory programs to help you gain awareness of healthy eating, and the effects of good nutrition on your overall health – physical, mental and emotional.

(a) Hormonal Balance Program: a 2-week wellness program that uses the power of nutrients to address physical symptoms related to hormonal imbalance in the body.

(b) More programs coming soon …

The introductory programs are designed to improve physical wellness from the inside out, and include:

  • 1/2 hour introduction session with nutritionist
  • 1 hour session with nutritionist to educate and inform
  • Comprehensive program workbook for participants to work through
    The workbook includes:

    • Guidelines on what foods to eat
    • Quick start guide to healthy hormones
    • Guide to avoiding common hormone stressors
    • 7 day hormone reboot challenge
    • Recipes and shopping lists

Price: $225


Personalized Programs
Our personalized nutrition program takes participants on a 3-month journey to improved health. Using balanced eating to promote physical wellness by targeting the digestive system as well as specific organs. By completing a comprehensive health and wellness questionnaire, your

The program is available for individuals and couples.

What’s included:

  • Detailed questionnaire to understand your health, eating habits and symptoms
  • Up to 1 hour intake session with nutritionist to discuss your needs and symptoms
  • Personalized 4-week meal plans including supplements to address/alleviate your symptoms
  • 2 follow-up sessions with nutritionist to evaluate progress, make adjustments/recommendations where required
  • 3 months of text and email support for long-term success

Couples program is similar to individual program, with:

  • Up to 2 hour intake session – time is dedicated to discuss each party’s needs and symptoms in depth
  • Combined 4-week meal plan that addresses the needs of both parties, with separate supplements according to each party’s needs
  • 2 follow-up sessions each, to discuss individual progress, and to fine tune and adjust where necessary
  • 3 months of text and email support

– $849 for individual program
– $1,275 for couples program (save 25% of two individual programs)

NOTE: the personalized program is a long-term program. (Some clients can take up to a year to get results). Individual results vary, and depend on your initial state of health, the combination of symptoms you wish to alleviate, and consistent dedication to the program.