12 Week Hormone Nutrition Program for Active Young Adults

Hormone Nutrition for Active Young Adults

Are you a gym-goer, athlete or runner who would consider yourself ‘young and fit’ and yet you struggle with issues like bloating, fatigue, frequent colds, or persistent belly fat? This may be because of hormonal imbalances and deficiencies in the gut that can affect otherwise healthy young adults in their 20s and 30s. That’s why we created a Hormone Nutrition Program specifically designed for active young adults, who are 18+.

This 12 week program combines the science of food and nutrition with a practical understanding of your body and its hormones. We keep it intensely practical so that you can immediately apply it to your daily life and see the performance and results you want.

The 12 Week Hormone Nutrition Course for Active Young Adults covers topics such as:

  • Optimizing your training/exercise according to your natural rhythms and (for women) your menstrual cycle
  • Combining whole foods for performance
  • 7 Day detox and reboot
  • The ‘Food & Mood’ connection
  • Fermentation and gut health
  • Kitchen make-over
  • Meal-planning and whole foods on a budget

With this course you get personal support throughout the entire program, with individual meetings, progress reports and check-ins, email support, unlimited access to teaching modules, handouts and reference material, menu plan guides, and journal sheets to track progress.

Meet Our Nutritonal Counsellor

Sotonye Tomlin

RHN, BSc. Biochemistry

For several years, I suffered from severe abdominal pain, constant cold and flu-like symptoms, joint aches and pains, and a foggy memory. Even though I was working in the medical field myself, I found that medicine was not helping.

My journey to health took me to Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, where I learned about hormones and their effect on all the systems of the body. That is when I discovered that the key element of hormone health is gut health. I have learned how to support hormones and naturally increase gut flora with whole and traditionally prepared foods.

My training changed my health and my life. Now it is my joy to help others improve their hormone and gut health, prioritize a well-balanced diet, and work their way back to optimal health while being free to enjoy themselves and what they eat.

*As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Sotonye’s work is covered under most benefits and insurance plans.

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