Financial Coaching

Building Finances for Real People – 3 month program

Debt is a common reality for most of us who own cars or homes, but in recent years a growing number of  individuals and families have found themselves taking on more and more debt for everyday items. Some have done it by accident, not fully realizing the impact of their buying decisions, and others have done it out of necessity.

Most people have no idea what to do once they are in the cycle of debt.  Its easy to become overwhelmed – it can impact relationships, sleep, and even self-image.

If you find yourself struggling with financial debt, By Peaceful Waters will coach you through a simple, step-by-step plan that will provide you with tools to eliminate debt and help you track your accomplishments. Most importantly, you will have a greater sense of peace and hope in the area of finances that will allow you to dream once more.

By Peaceful Waters does not sell mutual funds, RRSP’s, insurance, loans, or any other financial product. We teach you how to tell your money where to go so you don’t wonder where it went (in other words, we coach you to create a financial ‘map’ – a budget that really works)!

We will cover general information about topics such as insurance, mortgages, and investing, but more importantly, you will learn how to manage money along with the ebbs and flows of life, including:

  • what to do with irregular income
  • how to pay off debt and live life without it
  • how to save for education, purchases, and retirement
  • how to prepare for emergencies and protect your family from the unexpected

You will develop a plan of action, battle through habits, emotional hurts or addictive patterns, tackle myths, and come out with a sense of peace.

The benefits of this program will filter down through the family unit. If you have children they will not only experience less tension and increased unity in the home, but they will also reap financial benefits later in life from the money management skills you model.