Please contact By Peaceful Waters for more information about seminars or workshops surrounding the issues of divorce, parenting co-ordination, abuse, and protecting children.

Workshops include but are not limited to:

The Solomon Kids – a full day workshop for both parents and children.  Children will be encouraged to share what is important to them, and learn skills that will help them succeed in divorced or blended families.  Parents will gain valuable insight into how divorce will impact their children in both the short and long term.  Parents will practice hearing their children and implementing suggestions.  Stories based on true experiences will be shared.

Stop it!  No, YOU stop it!! – a series of workshops for children where they will learn how to thrive in their relationships.

Rethinking the Marriage Contract – a series of workshops for engaged or newly married couples.

Creative Catharsis – an ongoing, weekly meeting for newly separated individuals experiencing a high-conflict divorce.  The focus is on recognizing and taming the emotional Tsunami one week at a time through various formats, including creative expression (fine art, music, drama), education, skill-teaching, meditation and prayer, and exercise.  A buddy system will help participants handle crises.