Walking Free Workshop

A transformational weekend for those who desire:
  • an in-depth understanding of their roots and their impact on your current relationships
  • the tools required to move away from self-defeating behavioural patterns and sinful cycles
inner healing, wholeness, and healthy styles of relating
  • deeper intimacy and attachment with our Heavenly Father

“In addition to really good teaching, what refreshed me the most was the very gentle, kind and tender way in which God dealt with Janine on her journey.  This I believe was a great strength of this workshop– Janine’s story which she weaves into most of the good teaching as an illustration.  This kind of reinforcement can truly help Christians be freed from the lies of the enemy about God. I strongly recommend the workshop.”  Pastor Nick Cardases – Trinity Evangelical Missionary Church, Kitchener

“I can’t emphasize enough how important – how absolutely necessary these topics and this process of moving towards health and wholeness are!”  Pastor Sean Howard – Nassagaweya Presbyterian Church, Campbellville

“Walking Free touched on areas of spirituality that have never been addressed in my church experiences” Walking Free Attendee

“I needed this to do the next steps in my life for healing!  Walking Free seems more possible now!”  Walking Free Attendee

“I could hear it all again!  This makes so much sense and it works!”  Walking Free Attendee