Church Partnerships

We believe churches are a deeply rooted and vital part of each and every community. This belief, in conjunction with our vision to strengthen and support our community, leads us to seek out churches who are interested in partnering with our organization.

We see ourselves as an extension of the church of Jesus Christ, and we desire to serve the church by being readily available to its members. We believe in making Christian counselling visible and accessible because we are serious about helping pastors and church leaders see that members of the flock are cared for and that they become, individually and collectively, the church that Jesus Christ intended them to be.

Why be a Church Partner?
  • Pastors and church leaders have identified situations that they believe go beyond their role or training and express a need for professionally qualified counsellors. We seek to compliment the church’s existing ministries and we do not sidestep the leadership to promote a contrary agenda.
  • Hurting people in the church need to know that they can access professional help without feeling like they do so apart from their faith community. We come alongside the church in educational and counselling roles to promote the kind of helping relationships the Bible prescribes.
  • While we want to become co-operators with your church’s ministry, we can also offer objective distance in responding to congregational needs.
  • Our experience and current partners indicate, a relationship with a Christian counselling agency is overwhelmingly positive for a church, and people are genuinely helped.
What does a Church partnership look like?

A church partnership with By Peaceful Waters Inc. is a relationship suited to the needs of the church. We are professionally trained and also governed by some laws that impact how we can work along side third party sponsors.

Statement of Faith
Tenets emphasizing Christian beliefs:
  • There is one God, who created and sustains everything that exists, and who continues to be active in human history.
  • Humanity is the highest creation of God, but rebelled against its Creator, and in its fallen nature is in need of forgiveness and reconciliation.
  • God became incarnate in Jesus Christ, who died on the cross, who was raised bodily from the dead to reconcile human beings to their Creator, and who has promised to return personally in judgment to complete the establishment of His kingdom.
  • God works in and through people in the person of the Holy Spirit.
  • The character and purposes of God are revealed in the Bible, the Word of God, which is the basis for what Christians are to believe and how they are to live.
Tenets emphasizing human relationships and responsibilities:
  1. Sin has stained the general human condition to the point where every generation of humankind has both conceived and transferred patterns of self-destructive behaviour that require pointed, specific confession and release by the Holy Spirit, so that the believer can be restored to a full capacity for joy.
  2. Every individual is a person of worth, with basic human rights and essential human responsibilities. The uniqueness of each human being and the distinctiveness of social groups derive from factors such as age, gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, life philosophy, family, culture, and economic and social structures.