Corporate Workshops

By Peaceful Waters offers a series of workshops designed to address a wide range of issues facing today’s companies and corporations. Our team creates an environment where employees can speak openly about the challenges that prevent them from excelling in their work. These seminars encourage employees to discover the roots of their obstacles and ways to overcome them.

Our Goal
We implement programs designed to transform the organization from the bottom up, starting with each individual. Key components include helping employees understand working relationships and roles within a team, developing a framework for debate and communication.

What You Can Expect:
• Presentations that are practical, interactive, and dynamic
• Shifts in thinking, behaviour and communication
• Honest, direct discussion that moves beyond the surface conversation
• Transfer of learning into all areas of life
• Long-term change rather than short-term results

What Corporations Say:
“Our partnership with lifeConsulting [By Peaceful Waters] led to an immediate and palpable change in our workforce. The experience was very enlightening and the response of the employees was definitely positive. We realize we have only begun to scratch the surface of what is possible to achieve, but lifeConsulting [By Peaceful Waters] gave us an excellent start. We anticipate working more with lifeConsulting [By Peaceful Waters] in the future”.

– Vice-President, Artisan Cabinets

“The team from lifeConsulting [By Peaceful Waters] created an environment in which all staff (including those that typically do not speak up) felt safe to express some of the root issues causing them concern. This included healthy discussion… that ultimately reduced tension between individuals while dispelling some incorrect perceptions. Finally, it helped staff understand working relationship and roles within the team (thereby helping) to depersonalize decisions and debates”.

– Manager, IT, GIC, City of Kitchener