About Us

By Peaceful Waters provides comprehensive Counselling services for individuals, couples, families and groups. We also offer Child-Centred Divorce Services, Spiritual Direction, Parenting and Family Coaching, Nutrition ServicesFinancial Services, Conflict Mediation, and various workshops.

Since our founding in 2000, we have grown to include over 20 offices throughout Ontario. Counselling and workshops are also available through LifeStreams, our on-line Video Conferencing Therapy.


Our Values

Mission: “Building on a foundation of hope, we actively serve individuals, couples, families, groups, churches, and organizations in a professional, therapeutic setting. The whole person, including emotional, behavioral, cognitive and spiritual components, is valued, affirmed and empowered.”

Vision: “To strengthen and support our community through the promotion of reconciliation, restoration and relationship development.”

Our Team

By Peaceful Waters therapists are able to integrate their professional training with their Christian faith. We serve many people from different cultural and religious backgrounds and are sensitive to the beliefs of each person.


We recognize that confidentiality is extremely important and assure it within applicable legal and ethical guidelines. Information that you share is confidential. However, there are some exceptions:

  • A court of law can subpoena your file and counsellor.
  • If you reveal information about the abuse of a child under the age of 16, counsellors are required by law to inform the proper authorities.
  • If you reveal information about possible injury to a third party or to yourself, counsellors are required by law to inform the proper authorities.

As part of the consultative and supervisory framework within which we work as therapists at By Peaceful Waters, your counselling issues may be discussed with supervisory consultants. This is done to ensure you receive the best possible assistance.

Privacy Policy

We keep all written records of our work with you in a secure area. Our policy is to keep client files for 10 years following the termination session. We will then destroy them.