6 Weeks to Hormone Balancing Success

Hormone Balancing Success for Women

Menopause is a normal process, but the symptoms most commonly associated with it, are not. You no longer need to tolerate joint pain, poor sleep, hot flashes, bloating and weight gain as just part of life. Instead, you can walk through the peri-menopause and menopause years without these disruptive symptoms.

We have helped women heal their intestinal track and balance their hormones in order to greatly reduce or eliminate symptoms re-engage with life and achieve an active and healthy lifestyle.

Our 6 week course helps you learn and apply the nutritional keys you need to live through menopause with energy, focus and greater wellness. Your 40s and 50s could be your best decades yet!

Topics in the 6 Weeks to Hormone Balancing Success are tailored to address the unique needs of your body through the stages of peri-menopause and menopause.

Topics include:

  • Hormones, stress and your body
  • The ‘Food & Mood’ connection
  • How to optimize movement and exercise
  • How to safely detox and reboot
  • Fermentation and gut health
  • A healthy kitchen make-over
  • Meal-planning and eating whole foods on a budget

Receive personal support throughout the entire program, with individual weekly appointments, email support, unlimited access to teaching modules, handouts, journal sheets, progress reports and more!

Sotonye Tomlin

RHN, BSc. Biochemistry

For several years, I suffered from severe abdominal pain, constant cold and flu-like symptoms, joint aches and pains, and a foggy memory. Even though I was working in the medical field myself, I found that medicine was not helping.

My journey to health took me to Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, where I learned about hormones and their effect on all the systems of the body. That is when I discovered that the key element of hormone health is gut health. I have learned how to support hormones and naturally increase gut flora with whole and traditionally prepared foods.

My training changed my health and my life. Now it is my joy to help others improve their hormone and gut health, prioritize a well-balanced diet, and work their way back to optimal health while being free to enjoy themselves and what they eat.

*As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Sotonye’s work is covered under most benefits and insurance plans.

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