COVID Process Updates at By Peaceful Waters

Over the past few months, By Peaceful Waters has opened various offices that are following the COVID Safety Protocols and Procedures outlined by our government. LifeStreams will continue to be an option as we recognize that one size does not necessarily fit all, and we are here to meet your needs.

On the day of your in-person appointment please complete the appropriate form:

COVID Declaration Form for people 18 years of age and Older

COVID Declaration Form for People Under 18 years of age

When you arrive, please let reception or your therapist know that you have filled in the form.

By Peaceful Waters’ LifeStreams will continue to be available.

NOTE: all new clients that are using LifeStreams are required to sign a waiver. To download your copy, click this waiver link.

Once you have filled in this waiver, please email it to